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greatinternetswindle Hi, it's me again lol. Hope you are doing fine. I like WolfSurf or what is a name and would like to join. Are you a member of LeadingSurf or even better ElectrifyingHits. I would really appreciate if you can join them. Can you please contact me on I would like to send you one e-mail if that's ok. Thanks
1340 days ago

velier Hi, Catherine Heiter...
1340 days ago

mitch2go thankyou for your kind words
1364 days ago

greatinternetswindle Thank You very much for reply and for joining Surf Sumo. I was not joking when I say that I will promote Your link. If You want it can be Your Sweewa link so You will be able to track it. I saw that You need around 2000 hits to your splash for the next level. I promised that I will do it and yeas I will. Just send me sweeva ref link, cancel Yours and see tomorrow how many splash wievs You received from me. Sorry for my bad English. I can also offer same deal for many other TE but before that it would be nice You to check that I am honest surfer even my username is telling contrary. Send me your sweeva (or any other URL) and see that I m telling the trueth.
my e-mail:
1382 days ago

greatinternetswindle i did the first part... you got referral on Hit2hit and i ll be active member if we have deal. The rest is up to You
1382 days ago

greatinternetswindle Hi and thanks for Your comments about Surf Sumo. It s good and growing traffic exchange. The members are people who LOVE to surf and probably the most positive thing is chat room where You can find new connections. From my side I can Offer You reciprocial referral for TE of your choice and ok if you think it's not enough as a gift I will promote one of your links on numerous traffic exchanges with 2000 credits.
Hope this is already something. Please send me the link You want to be promoted if You kindly accept my offer.
1382 days ago

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