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leem Thanks for your positive comments on my TH4U page Cathy.
705 days ago

greensempire2003 Helly Cathy, Thanks for the comment, things are starting to go forward a little bit now. I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter. Enjoy the weekend
740 days ago

aalcorner Greetings from us, can I be your friend..Thanks
744 days ago

greensempire2003 hey Cathy, Thanks for the comment on the newest splash
page for your site i did.
821 days ago

icygirl Truth is, I actually miss going to them to pick up a movie. There aren't any close to where I live anymore. So I hope yours continues to do well .
824 days ago

weberg69 Thank You Catherine, that was really awesome of you to do! Your Traffic Exchange Rocks!
Richard Weberg
895 days ago

ardodd hey katherine, I just wanted to say that I really am interested in the website. but am busy doing MLM Consulting and Network Marketing that I barely have any family time anymore. But if I can is there only 1000 members allowed or is open even after 1000
898 days ago

wwstart Thanks for your comment on de video splash. I think I should use video more often. I'm also planning vlogging as I'm more a talker than a writer.
951 days ago

wwstart Hi Catherine, Hot Flash Hits will be added by the update this weekend. Thanks for reminding me!
971 days ago

jsmktgpro Hey there Cathy...I appreciate the comment on my page.
973 days ago

trowsran im not getting paid by the votes. im an owner of 1 private server which i call trows ran online. i just need to make my server ranks up! so i need votes to gather more players to play in my games
979 days ago

trowsran Trows RAN Online Ep6 S2 is a mmorpg game a private server that i manage i need to raise my vote count as well as i need to rank up to recruit more players to join my game thank you for voting
979 days ago

mybizsweeva Say something to Catherine White...
1008 days ago

clutchtool Thanks Cathy for the nice comment left on my splash.
1008 days ago

jay77 thanks for the Hit-bear splash comment Cathy! btw, Johnno is one of our recent members in J2B who didn't get his link.
1008 days ago

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johnnysurf leveled up! They are now level 46!
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