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santa Hi Dean, I didn't get a chance yet to send you a welcome note so here it is. Better late than never. You were my first referral into Sweeva and I see by now you are surfing sweeva sites even more than myself. Anyway, I am an upgraded member and it's working out pretty well for me. You already see the benefits from being active, but it's even better as an upgraded member. Good luck in your ventures and you are welcome to discuss things with me if you wish.
Jeff aka: santa
1351 days ago

cashout Thanks for the positive feedback on my dropcard site Dean. Good luck in all of your future business ventures!
1386 days ago

frankrharvey You need to surf 50 sites to get your free 1000 credits
Frank Harvey
1403 days ago

berlinghoff Hello Dean thanks for the stars on my site. Did you consider joining by chance?
1404 days ago

raygetz Hi Dean...the stars I appreciated ... expand your Sweeva and stay in touch. Good luck!
1407 days ago

merry Hi Dean, sure, I am always ready for new marketing friends, they need to be genuine and committed to success Contact me on my Skype if you are one
1410 days ago

louisecardow Dean, That is one mistake that so many people make. Going in too many directions. My email again
1410 days ago

billalf thanks dean
1411 days ago

louisecardow Dean,
If you are interested you can join for free and I will work WITH you to build your downline. You only need 3 upgraded members and EVERYTHING is free.
Let me know
1411 days ago

louisecardow Dean,
I have a special promo that is just about to start. After your comments on my profile I thought you may be interested.
Let me know.
1411 days ago

sirtalkalot03 Thanks, for liking the site...
1413 days ago

louisecardow Hi Dean. Contact me at my email or Skype louisecardow I'll help you all I can.
1413 days ago

isabel Dean, thank you for your kind comment on my splash.Cheers
1413 days ago

rickson Hey Dean! Ty for all the stars on my site! Hope you had a chance to check out PIF 4 New ad exchange..It will catapult your ads exposure every month ..for free bud! Limited time..hate to say it..but its Rick
1413 days ago

mikekulpinski shift 8 to star
1414 days ago

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