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    medal jnharte

    Nice Voice

    766 days ago days ago
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    medal teamlotda

    Thanks for the comment on my CWC Team Pioneers concerning the lay I decided not to center the text to draw the eye as for the images I had to work by eye the images are all a different size. Thanks for taking the time to consider my splash page

    929 days ago days ago
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    medal greensempire2003

    Hello Amanda, Thank you for the comments on my splash page. Hope that you have a wonderful day today.

    985 days ago days ago
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    medal boblove

    Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for joining QLxchange today! I'm going to email you now with some exciting info about how this is going to help your finances starting next week. First, I'm going to upgrade you with a $5 key - Then later this week when they launch their new LEAP addition, I will be an Emerald and will be able to upgrade you again... this time as a $49 Ruby!

    You will then get a rebate of $5 from the company... because I had already paid that for you first! I know this sounds confusing, but if you will take the time to learn about what's going to happen it will... FOREVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! ) Bob Love

    990 days ago days ago
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