Benny Mitchell's Notes

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    medal jag

    Try and join, get a free account if you like it upgrade else just logout and never come back

    If you join under me i will be paying you $9 for 3 months ($27) if you upgrade to Gold so you will only need to pay half the membership. If you upgrade to silver i pay you $4.5($13.5)

    Club Asteria will generate as a passive user up to $400/week. Payed every thursday.
    After 5 month you will earn enough just from the membership fee to pay your membership if you invest all your profit so far. So after 5 months all the rest of the money will be profit for you to cash out.

    Atleast try and get a free account
    It's so worth it! Got any Questions, ASK!

    1335 days ago days ago
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    medal walra3305

    Thanks for the comment Benny , FREE to join , make more when you upgrade though! See you on the inside.

    1436 days ago days ago