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rosebaby123 I'm rose,i saw your account and decides to stop by and say hello.i will like to establish a good relationship with you, am single and nice.In addition i will like you to reply me through my private email box at ( kannyrose@yahoo.com )I think love worth sharing so lets share it. Thanks waiting to hearing from you soon.

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1283 days ago

rohfun Hello i visit your blog
1360 days ago

rohfun Hello i visit your blog
1360 days ago

o Thanks for commenting on my 150fast page! You should take the time to check out the program fully it just might surprise you. There are no promises, if you reffer 2 you get paid and they follow you forever. Best of success to you my friend.
1361 days ago

ed17hunt Hi Oscar, did you get my notes about the banner sites???? email me at greatdeals322@gmail.com
1392 days ago

ed17hunt If you want the ad on both sites just order the COMBO on the first site and pay $14.99 then order the COMBO on the second site but do NOT pay for it
1394 days ago

ed17hunt here are the links, they don't allow link so let me know if you follow this: BannersListed 'dot' com AND MyMegaBanners 'dot' info
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1394 days ago

ed17hunt Hi Oscar, thanks for remembering me. You have to visit the sites to see why they are unique and why they are 10 times more effective than standard banner ads. I am currently havng a sale also.
1394 days ago

ed17hunt You are very welcome, when you have it made send me an email and I will tell you about my rotating banner sites. Good luck.
1416 days ago

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