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    medal aalcorner

    hi mirko

    880 days ago days ago
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    My name is Jenny, I am a young beautiful girl looking for true love and the protection ratio, I have gone through your profile sweeva.com today, and I was very happy to contact you so that we know ourselves more. You know the color of the distance, age, and in fact can not stop true love or friendship, so much appreciated, if you'll reply to this message (jennifferteamh@yahoo.co.uk) to send me my pictures and more information about myself to you and tell you the reason why i contacted you. I hope for your positive response, take care and have a good day.
    Jenny or Jennifer
    LOVE____________ ______________I
    ___000___________FRIEND__________ 000__
    ____ ______000__________MY_________000_
    __ ________000______HEART______000__
    _ ____SAVE_____000____ __________000
    ___ KISS__000______ ____________000__
    _____________ __ 000_________ 000_ALL
    _ _________________000000___________
    ___________________ 00__: jennifferteamh@yahoo.co.uk

    947 days ago days ago
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    medal dobb

    ciao comincio a capirci qualcosa ma ancora non sono sicura di come impostare i bids.......mi incasino sull'orario

    1406 days ago days ago
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