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lucie Thanks again, Bernard, for your kind words! Merry Christmas!
852 days ago

lucie Thanks, Bernard! I will!
976 days ago

posyrosie Thanks for your comment on my Clixzing site, not sure what you meant about the red in the words??
1019 days ago

lucie Hi Bernard! Thanks for the kind words! It's always appreciated! Happy surfing!
1060 days ago

seoexpert2010 @ ben480: Yes Bernard Banners advertising does work but @ Banners Broker along with advertising member keeps doubling his'her money and earn passive residual handsome income... Proud to be member... Hope to see you inside too
1064 days ago

seoexpert2010 @ ben480: Bernard the programs says Banners Broker & Not Banners Brokerage... Its a successful doubler which has paid over $100,000
1069 days ago

ben480 Hi Everyone, I Love you All!
1116 days ago

interdoka How are you Bernard?
1398 days ago

danyel Great to see you here I get fab feedback on my splash for learn to earn. thanks heaps for giving me such a great skill base
1419 days ago

quadabilities Thanks for your comments Ben... but you have more hair than me. lol
1420 days ago

ben480 Yes, it was intended to be funny... keep up the good work!
1420 days ago

donh Welcome to Sweeva and thanks for the funny comment about a 1 dollar bill
1420 days ago

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